How do we love you when all you could do?

Was divide and berate us and make it about you.

You beat, scorned, and belittled us

Until our spirits were broken

Then shuttered your heart

With no kind words spoken.

How do we love you when fear was your game?

You boasted and cheated, having no shame.

You struck and you pummeled,

We cowered and cried

Bruised, battered, and belted

Nowhere could we hide.

How do we love you when we mattered not?

Birthdays and milestones; things you forgot.

You locked and you loaded,

You threatened to kill

Bewildered and beaten

Your way and your will.

How do we love you when we’re all apart?

One by death; another a jealous heart.

You maligned and you smeared,

Your goal to divide us

How dare you claim victory

With madness inside us!

How do we love you when we will you to die?

Hearts so depleted; there’s no tears to cry.

We’re wrecked and we’re pained,

Our hearts scarred and pitted

A father that failed us

Leaving love unrequited.


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