Mind’s Eye Thievery

adult alone black and white dark

Tangles, tau and dying cells
A brain at war and losing.
She soldiers on despite the spells
Devoid of one’s own choosing.

Forgotten words, missing links
Thoughts lost and long forgotten.
She hangs her head and slowly blinks
“How did life get so rotten!”

Anger stirs inside my core
Ever so slowly she fades.
Time and presence; I want more
Yet the mind’s-eye thief invades.

She laughs, she cries, she loses
Memories no longer logged.
She sits, she stares, she snoozes
Her mind’s eye cannot be jogged.

I laugh, I cry, I recall
Fearing she’ll lose my name.
My hope: the disease to stall
Keep her present, my life’s aim.


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