Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

If I’ve learned anything from the pain and heartache of a fractured marriage, it’s that true love can endure, does not fade nor falter, and hurts like mad.

When you choose to love, you run the risk of being hurt. But in knowing that, forgiveness must also share a space with love in your heart.

tearLove does hurt. Sometimes. Oftentimes. Because sometimes and oftentimes we hurt the people we love the most. And because hurt people hurt people. So, when you stand for a relationship and for another imperfect human being, you must accept that love can and does hurt, but having a spirit of forgiveness can help with healing.

I’m not advocating that you live life in love as a doormat. I’m only suggesting that some love stories are worth fighting for and that even when lovers hurt each other, marriages can be resurrected if there is room in your heart for forgiveness and second chances. Continue reading “Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs”